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Benefits Of Joining Us

Why become Otipy Partner?
Earn upto ₹25,000 monthly
Weekly payouts with exciting incentives
Work for 3-4 hours in the morning everyday
Grow with us - more deliveries, more income

How your day will look like

How does this work?
  • Receive shipment from Otipy delivery van (3-5 am everyday)
  • Deliver orders to customers residing within distance of 1-2 kms
  • Check your daily earnings and get weekly payouts
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What our Partners say

Kaushal Jaiswal

Otipy Partner- 49934

Otipy has given us this wonderful opportunity where we can start our business with a very low investment.
For extra income, Otipy partner program is the best especially for those who are willing to excel faster in life.
I am proud to be a part of this family.


Otipy Partner- 54239

I am happy to work with Otipy family as I got an opportunity to prove myself for my kids as a working mom. My kids are happy that their mom is working for them and now I can pay my EMIs for my vehicle hassle-freely.
Thanks to Otipy for helping me to serve my community.

Kanchan Wadhwa

Otipy Partner- 14438

My journey with Otipy has been fabulous, I got an opportunity to work with great industry leaders who are really supportive. Being a Otipy partner is a proud feeling for me.


Otipy Partner- 50448

ओटीपी के साथ काम करने से मुझे इनकम तो मिली है उसके साथ साथ मैंने अपने मॉर्निंग रूटीन को भी स्वस्थ किया है जिससे मेरी हैल्थ और वेल्थ दोनो में सुधार हुआ है पूरे दिन हम बाउंड नही रहते सुबह 8.30 तक हम अपने ओटीपी डिलीवरी पार्टनर वर्क से फ्री हो जाते है